Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle
My name is Jon. I feel like I'm very much different from society. This blog is where I can put what's pleasing in my head into visual form.

What to expect:
-Things that I find funny
-How I feel
-Stuff about God that gets me through problems
-The truth in my opinion
-Random stuff (If I see something that somehow appeals to me, I re-blog it)
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What happens when God’s authority steps all over our desires? Many people believe in God and commit to Him thinking that it will be for the good of their own happiness. But what if God did not give you what you wanted? What if things didn’t go the way you expected? Would you still remain faithful? Your devotion to God should not be based on your prosperity! God isn’t there just to make us “happy”. He’s there to make us HOLY.

Always good to remember.

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Nina Katchadourian - Mended Spiderwebs (1998)

Artist’s statement:

“In the forest and around the house where I was living, I searched for broken spiderwebs which I repaired using red sewing thread. All of the patches were made by inserting segments one at a time directly into the web. I fixed the holes in the web until it was fully repaired, or until it could no longer bear the weight of the thread.

In the process, I often caused further damage when the tweezers got tangled in the web or when my hands brushed up against it by accident.

The morning after the first patch job, I discovered a pile of red threads lying on the ground below the web. At first I assumed the wind had blown them out; on closer inspection it became clear that the spider had repaired the web to perfect condition using its own methods, throwing the threads out in the process.

My repairs were always rejected by the spider and discarded, usually during the course of the night, even in webs which looked abandoned.”

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My first LIVE concert! (by Jon Querequincia)

I’m giving a try at this music thing. I know it’s not perfect (yet) ^_^


i genuinely dont understand how two people magically like each other at the same time.


Follow me on instagram for more bible verses username: brittzy


Follow me on instagram for more bible verses username: brittzy

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